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History of EPLAC

Back in 1964 in the Victorian town of Geelong, the first club for children’s athletics was formed. From simple beginnings, athletics for boys and girls developed at a phenomenal rate. It was not long before little athletics spread to other parts of Australia.
In Sydney’s outer west a group of interested local residents also believed in the value of the sport of track and field athletics for children. Their foresight and efforts were rewarded when the centre was formed on the 18th June 1979 at a meeting held at Emu Plains Public School. On a fine sunny Saturday morning Emu Plains Little Athletics Centre held its first competition at Hunter Fields (the local soccer fields). The Club was first affiliated with Little Athletics NSW in the 1979/1980 year. 
In 1987, Emu Plains Little Athletics relocated to Leonay Oval. Eventually Saturday morning competition was abandoned for a more favorable Friday night.
On average our membership reaches over 430. Our registrations hit a record high of over 700 in the year of the 2000 Olympic Games, which was an amazing achievement for the sport.
Now in our 40th year, we are very proud of what the Club and its members have achieved. We've had over 20 athletics competing at a National level, over 450 athletes competing at State, and many more at Regional and Zone levels. But at the end of the day, we encourage all our athletes to do their very best, to have fun and get fit in a safe and friendly environment, and to “strive with honour”.