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Points and Awards


Each week every athlete's attendance is recorded and one (1) point will be awarded for each event contested.

Points are also awarded if an athlete improves upon their personal best. Personal Bests (PB) are awarded three (3) points.

Further points are awarded depending upon where an athlete finishes in each event (Final result across the age group - not the heat result):

  • First place          7 points
  • Second place     5 points
  • Third place         4 points
  • Fourth place       3 points
  • Fifth place          2 points

The total of these points determines the end of season Age Champion for each age group.

Competition points will be awarded for each event every Friday with the exception of those weeks which are programmed as non-points weeks.


Each week any athlete who achieved PB's in all of their events the previous week will receive a PB Award which is presented at the Friday Muster.


At the end of season Presentation Day (late April) the following awards will be made providing athletes meet the criteria of 60% attendance AND participation throughout the season*. This is to encourage all athletes to attend regularly and participate in all of their events.

Age Champion Award - First, second and third highest point-earning girls and boys in U6-U13 age groups and the combined U14-17 age group.

Age PB Champion - Highest PB point-earning girl and boys in the U6-U13 Age groups, and the combined U14-U17 age group, who are not the recipient of an Age Champion award.

Club PB Champions - A new award for the first, second and third highest PB point-earning boys and girls in the club, whether or not they are the recipient of any other award.

Representative Champions - Our most coveted award given to one boy and one girl based on points awarded for placings at Zone, Region and State Championship events.

10 Years Service - Awarded to athletes who have been registered with the club for 10 years.

President's Award - Awarded to a male and female athlete who display continuous leadership, sportsmanship and citizenship throughout the entire season.


* Attendance will be calculated based on the percentage of Friday nights attended.

Participation will be calculated on the percentage of the events over the season that were attempted, including the 1500m Walk and 3000m (as both of these events are programmed).

Both criteria MUST be met to be eligible for an award other than a Participation award.