What time does Tiny Tots start and finish?

6pm to about 7pm

Where is Tiny Tots held?

The top field at Leonay Oval

What age can kids start Tiny Tots ?

Children who are already 3 or 4 years of age will participate in the Tiny Tots age group.

Children who are only 2 years of age at 1 October but turn 3 years of age between 1 October and 31 December 2018 can register on/after their third birthday, however, we do not pro-rata the fees for weeks missed.

How much are uniforms ?

There have been changes to our uniforms and pricing this year.

For all uniform information please click here.

Where is the oval?

Leonay Oval is on Leonay Parade just off the M4 motor way. Take the Emu Plains exit and turn onto Leonay Parade.

The access road is just off the driveway to the Emu Sports Club.

What time does Little Athletics start each Friday night ?

Tiny Tots 6:00pm. All other athletes at 6:20pm

Do I have to stay with my child while they are at the ground?

Absolutely. A parent/guardian must be present at the ground while their child is competing regardless of their age. This is a condition of your child's registration. Little Athletics is not a child-minding facility.

You are required to be at the ground at all times in the event of an injury or in case competition finishes earlier than expected.

Unless you are a parent helper, you will have to stay on the outside of the track.

Do I have to help?

We expect that all parents help when required and encourage all parents to get involved in some way.

We will ask for helpers to timekeep, start, help with hurdles, set up, pack up or to assist age managers. You will never be asked to do more than you are comfortable with and it's a great way to get involved with your children.

On Friday nights we cannot get competition underway until we have the necessary helpers. 

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes we offer a two week trial for $20

This must be arranged with the Registrar by sending your contact information, along with the details of your child, including name and age to [email protected]

Then simply come along on the first night prior to 6pm.

After two weeks, should your child wish to stay, you will be refunded your cash and you will need to register online in order to continue competing.

Do all athletes have to wear a uniform?

Yes. A top (crop top, t-shirt or singlet) and shorts are compulsory.

When does the season finish?

Early March

Can my child run up/or down an age group?

NO. Your child must compete in their age group.

What time does Little Athletics finish on a friday night?

We try to have the younger age groups (u6 to u8) finished by 8pm but all age groups are usually finished by 830pm. However, the first couple of weeks could take longer.

What are the Rules of Competition ?
The objective of these rules is to set down the requirements for competition for all athletic meetings conducted by Emu Plains Little Athletics Centre. All such meetings are to be conducted under the rules as set down in the IAAF handbook and the LAANSW Rules of Competition, or as otherwise stated in the following paragraphs. All Athletes competing in our competition must be registered with our Centre. All athletes must compete in the Centre uniform. Similar coloured T-shirts may be worn under the approved Centre singlet or top. Singlets and T-shirts must be tucked in at all times when the athlete is competing. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the event. Please ensure that the correct Centre uniform is worn at all athletic meetings, whether at Club, Zone, Region, or State level.
Why do we wear Registration Numbers and Age Patches ?

When an athlete registers, they will be issued with a registration number and an age patch. Both these patches have a sponsors name on them. They are not to be cut off and must be displayed when attached to the uniform. These are LANSW sponsors.

The registration number must be fixed firmly to the front of the athlete's uniform top / shirt. The age patch is to be fixed firmly to the left side of the athlete’s uniform, normally on the shorts. 

Centre numbers for competition are no longer required but may remain on a uniform if one is already attached.

What type of Footwear can I use ?

Competitors must wear shoes at all times in all events. No athlete will be permitted to compete without shoes at any time. Athletes in the U11 to U17 age groups may wear spiked shoes, but only in laned events, long jumps, triple jump, high jump and javelin. Athletes must remove their spikes at the end of the event and must not wear them to the next event. The length allowed for spikes is as follows;

Grass Tracks (Leonay Oval) - up to 12mm

Synthetic Tracks (Region) - 7mm max, High/Long jump 9mm max

Athletes who use spikes must take particular care to ensure they do not come in to contact with others. Irresponsible use may result in the athlete being banned from using spikes.

Who do I speak to if I have a concern?

The Club President, Kellie Martin, on 0421965000.

If your concern is not urgent you may contact [email protected]

If you need something resolved urgently on a Friday night you may approach any committee member for assistance.

When can I use Starting Blocks ?
Starting Blocks may be used in events up to 400m, only if the athlete has been shown the correct way to use them. For further information regarding the use of starting blocks, please contact the appropriate coaching co-ordinator.
How do I find out if a Friday night has been cancelled due to bad weather?

During the summer months, extreme heat or thunderstorms can impact our Friday night competition. Any cancellation of a Friday Night will be posted on the club website and the Facebook page by 4:30pm on Fridays.

Can I purchase food & drinks at the ground?

Yes. We have a canteen available every Friday night selling burgers, hot dogs, coffee, water, confectionary etc

Is there an end of season Presentation Day?

 Yes there is.

We generally hold this in Mid to late April. Information will be made available as the season progresses.