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Record Attempts

Centre records require at least one week’s notice to the Committee in writing at emuplainslac@gmail.com.

The attempt will only be approved by the Committee if the athletes past performance indicates that they are highly likely to break the record.

If the day of the record attempt is cancelled due to the weather conditions, the athlete can attempt the record at the next available competition evening and does not have to re-apply in writing.

Under no circumstances, will an athlete be permitted to break a record using a pacer , meaning that they can not attempt a record by competing against children of a different age group or gender.


For all track events there will be a minimum of three (3) officials (Committee members or accredited officials) to keep individual times of the nominated athletes attempt at the record. The average time will be recorded. This will be the same for field events but the distance recorded will be the best of the three (3) attempts as verified at the time.

 If a new record has been set, it will be recorded and signed off by the three (3) officials that were present at the attempt and then be given to the club President for validation.