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Track Etiquette & Safety


Track & Field etiquette and safety are of paramount importance to the Club. Not only for the safety of the athletes, but to also ensure that each event runs as smoothly as possible.  As a result of a number of incidents that have occurred in the past, the Executive have implemented some changes.

It is incorporated into our rules of competition for the Club that:


PARENTS AND SPECTATORS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE FIELD DURING FRIDAY NIGHT COMPETITION. (Unless they are assisting in the role of either an Age Manager or Parent Helper or if there is a medical necessity).  This also ensures that our Club complies with the stringent insurance rules.


Athletes should be careful not to cross the track when an event is in progress.


When an athlete is high jumping, the area behind the bags MUST BE KEPT CLEAR to avoid distraction. The trailers behind the high jump mats are not to climbing and sitting on.


In any jumping event, no athlete, parent or official should walk across the jumping track.


When an athlete is competing in a throw event, the shot or discuss area in front of the circle is out of bounds. ALL spectators MUST remain behind the discus cages for their own protection.