Welcome to Emu Plains Little Athletics Centre


Registration time is almost here!

EPLAC will open the registration portal as soon as we are approved to by LANSW. We anticipate this being around, or just after, mid-August 2020. We will advise when the portal is open.

Our fees remain the same as last season. Don't forget to claim your Active Kids Vouchers. They must be used during the registration process.

Registration information can be found here. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Our season will start on Friday 9th October 2020. 


Tuesday 28 July 2020 @ 5pm - Online

Due to the current COVID restrictions we have been unable to host our annual Presentation Day.

We have put together a video for our award recipients along with some photos from the season.

The link to the video will be be posted here and on Facebook this coming Tuesday at 5pm.

SEASON 2020/21

The EPLAC 2020/21 season will be going ahead, working within the current NSW Government health restrictions.

Online registration will open on Saturday 15th August 2020. 

The committee are currently working on an extensive COVID-19 Plan to ensure the safety of all athletes, spectators and officials. 

Current restrictions will impact our season immediately:

- 500 person limit across the entire venue - this includes the top oval and encompasses all athletes, parents, spectators, officials and volunteers;

- we will be enforcing the current 'Get in, Train, Get Out' guidelines;

- 1 parent/carer only per registered athlete can attend on any given Friday night competition;

- the 1.5m physical distancing rule will apply to everyone except the athletes who are in an event;

- we will no longer be running a muster at the start of the evening. We anticipate athletes will go straight to their first programmed event;

- no person can attend the venue if they have any COVID-19 symptoms or have travelled out of NSW within 14 days of any competition night;

- weekly volunteer duties will be managed with a volunteer register;

- age group buckets will no longer be used. Athletes will be responsible for carrying their personal belongings at all times;

- limited access to the canteen area, changerooms and the general clubhouse space;

- the tiered grandstand seating along the circular track will be closed. BYO chair;

In order to remain under the 500 person cap we anticipate there will be significant changes to the way our Friday night competitions will run and these changes MAY include one or more of the following:

            - capping age group numbers; 

            - splitting the evening into two sessions; and

            - changing to a three week rotation program.

The committee will finalise this plan within the next few weeks. Prior to registering this season, please ensure you understand the current restrictions and measures in place to ensure we can run a safe and successful season.

EPLAC will continue to monitor and act on the most up to date health and sport association guidelines, with any changes to be communicated on our website and Facebook page.


EPLAC is a registered provider for the Active Kids Program. This program provides $100 for all school age children to use this season (if not previously redeemed in another sport). You must apply for your voucher online before registering with us.

Guidelines and eligibility information about the program can be found here. Your voucher MUST BE redeemed during the online registration process.



Our centre runs a Tiny Tots program for children aged 3 and 4.

This program runs for approximately 1 hour each Friday night of competition on the top field at Leonay Oval from 6pm (except in extreme weather). There is no requirement to attend every competition night.

Tiny Tots are allocated a colour group and move around a series of activities in their groups completing activites such as running, long jump, mini-relays and other coordination-based skills like stilt-walking, bean bag throwing, tee-ball and many others. Activites rotate on a weekly basis to keep it interesting for our littlest athletes. Tiny Tots are required to register and wear a uniform and registration patch.

Tiny Tots MUST ALREADY BE 3 years of age to register. This is a LANSW requirement. Registrations may be taken after the season starts to allow for those turning 3 in Oct, Nov and Dec but please be aware the we do not pro-rata our fees for weeks missed. Proof of age is required to finalise registration.

Children turning 3 AFTER 31 December, 2020 must wait until the following 2021/2022 season to join. 

Bring your little ones along to enjoy the fun! It's a great introduction to Little Athletics.


Results from our Friday night competitions can be viewed at www.resultshq.com.au

You will require a username and password. Your user name is the email address you used to register your child with LANSW. Click on the "Forgot your username or password" link below the logon fields to get your password sent to you. We aim to have results from each Friday entered by the following Tuesday.